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Stop Spreadsheeting - Start Managing

Simplify the time-sucking daily or monthly tasks.  Know what is and isn't done directly from your desk at any moment just by looking. Encourage others to grow your culture because culture is a leading indicator not a lagging indicator.  Understand trends as they occur.

Our QR code-accessible, data-driven solutions can get you back the time you need to do what you were hired to do.  EHS doesn't need to be a massive waste of energy.   Collect the data you need instantly, efficiently, and without double entry into a spreadsheet.  We can provide bundles to give you back hours of time, provide you complete access to many aspects of the daily compliance requirements.

Check out our sample of inspections and data input to allow you to regain control.  Use the forms, inspections, sign offs you already have in place or let us help you develop a system for success. 

Tell us your needs. Get a Quote

If you are interested in any of these programs, bundling any of our system elements or would like to customize or use what you have in place but automate it?  Contact us.  You will be surprised and how affordable it is to regain time, eliminate double entry and gain analysis functions without macros, and grow your safety culture and compliance from mundane tasks. 

Submission Complete. Thanks for letting us know your are interested.

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